Glove Collections

The Collection, which is owned and curated by a separated charitable body, The Glove Collection Trust (whose Trustees are appointed by the Court of The Glovers Company), is fully described in a detailed catalogue with photographs and descriptions of each glove and can be seen at:

The Collection is in two parts:

1.     The heritage items, comprising the Spence Collection mainly of sixteenth and seventeenth century items, the Harborow Collection of Coronation Gloves and other older items bought by the Trust, or given to it, kept and partially on display at the Fashion Museum in Bath.

2.     The General Collection of more modern items, is currently held at Dents in Warminster, where it is being documented to Museum standard, after which it will be transferred to the Fashion Museum Bath to be kept there and partially on display.

Please do take time to visit the website whether your interest is scholarly or otherwise; we welcome enquiries of all kinds.







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