The 'Merchants & Makers' website recently featured an article about Dents 'Makers of the finest English leather gloves', as a conversation with Deborah Moore, CEO of Dents.


A good pair of gloves protects our hands from the elements and look fabulous, but they are beyond warmth and fashion. Gloves have been around for millennia, and have symbolised, over that time, more heady matters of refinement & dignity and even honour & peace. Okay, today, they are mostly about comfort and style, and a company who can boast true glove-making heritage, maybe not of millennial proportions, but a hugely impressive near two-and-a-half centuries of glove-making experience, is luxury leather glove-maker Dents.

West Country-based Dents is one of only a few glove makers remaining in Britain. Founded in 1777 by master-craftsman John Dent and sons, the company still remains very much a family and community oriented affair, with a longstanding workforce and customer base, as far afield as Australia and the Far-East. Although they may not suffer from chilly fingers like we Britons do, nevertheless they love the heritage and classic styling of a good pair of leather gloves.


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Leather and Glove maker Pittards featured in an ITV News piece as part of a wider range of reports on development in Africa

Pittards CEO Reg Hankey was interviewed in Pittards glove factory in Addis Ababa

Warmister based glove maker Dents is proud to announce the grant of  a  Royal Warrant of Apppointment to HRH the Prince of Wales

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Read about cutting edge technology for safety gloves and Liveryman David Bennett



Members alarmed by new EU regulations concerning the performance of oven gloves need not lose sleep unduly (other than perhaps by the idea that this is a pressing area for the European authorities to turn their attention to). As one might anticipate the UK trade has for some time supplied gloves to the highest protective standards: BM Polyco introduced their 'Hot Glove' over 8 years ago to provide protection and reassurance  to the British baking trade.



Leather maker Pittards was firmly in the spotlight at the British Open Golf tournament at St Andrews, supplying the leather for the FootJoy glove worn by eventual winner Zach Johnson. In fact, Pittards also supplies the leather for Johnson's FootJoy shoes - and on a bumper final day for FootJoy both the other playoff contenders, Luis Oosthuizen and Marc Leishman, were also sporting their gloves and shoes in Pittards leather.



Speaking at the Economist's recent Growth Crossings Conference in London, Pittards' CEO Reg Hankey outlined the Company's evolving approach to the challenges posed by a rapidly developing economy. Pittards has traded with Ehtiopia for over a hundred years, and currently employs some 1500 people engaged in leather and finished product manufacture.

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A film crew form the BBC's popular 'Escape to the Country' series has been filming glove making at Dents. Presenter Jules Hudson was shown traditional manufacturing techniques and given a tour of the museum.The broadcast date for the programme is not yet known, so watch this space!



AIM-listed leather-maker Pittards reported improved first half profits for 2015 and announced that it will open a new Retail Store at Somerset's Clarks Village in Street. The Company's first off-site retail venture will open at the end of October and will carry a multitude of leather products - as can be seen currently on-line and at the Company's headquarters in Yeovil.

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Pittards Plc issued financial results for 2014 to the Stock Exchange on Monday March 23rd. Citing challenges as a result of foreign exchange rates the company nevertheless posted results broadly in line with 2013 and reported growth in its glove making operations in Ethiopia.

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