The Charity Committee was set up in 1980 to identify and organise the Glovers’ charitable donations. It was re-named the Charity Projects Committee (CPC) and for many years this Committee has supported a number of very worthwhile charities and charitable causes. Funds for these charities and causes (the projects) are provided by the Glovers Charitable Trust Board which sets the guidelines as to the type of project to be supported either through the donation of gloves or in the form of financial contribution. The emphasis is on helping those in real need.


These articles provide a brief insight into how we have supported these charities and charitable causes.


We have been able to continue to provide cryotherapy gloves and associated equipment for cancer patients for two hospitals, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and The Christie Cancer Hospital. We first helped the Christie five years ago by providing the specialist gloves for cancer patients and we have now in 2016 been able to help them expand their unit. These gloves help patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment by keeping their fingers cold which helps prevent damage. So successful has this treatment been that we have over the years provided similar gloves and equipment to several other hospitals throughput the UK. We still hear from patients who have benefitted from our help and it is wonderful to hear of their progress. We will continue to support this very worthwhile cause in 2017.


A "fact-finding" meeting took place in February 2016 with their Principal Clare Verga.

The Academy opened in 2008 and Ms Verga joined as Principal in 2011 since when the school has risen to Ofsted ratings to "Outstanding" in 2014. It is currently over-subscribed.

The Academy has introduced a 'house structure'. Pupils chose to name the five houses after City Livery Companies - one of which is Glovers House. It has about 125 pupils aged from year 7 to year 13.

We had discussions with some pupils who are members of the Glovers House. Among other activities, they told us they are all encouraged to take up and play a musical instrument.

We discussed how the Glovers could contribute to the Academy going forward. It was understood, rather than outright financial support, she would like us to be part of the expansion of the Academy's existing networks with City institutions and companies with a view to increasing pupil mentoring activities. The possibility of the Company supporting music activities at the Academy was also identified.

The Master presented the Glovers' shield to Ms Verga for the Glovers House display at the Academy. He invited Ms Verga to the Election of Sheriff's Lunch and to give a short presentation about the Academy which she accepted. She also accepted the matter's invitation to the Awards Luncheon at Drapers Hall.


The Master and Liveryman Oscar Holmes attended the St Paul’s Cathedral School Speech Day on 15 July in the splendid surroundings of the Milton Court Concert Hall in the City of London.

The outgoing Headmaster Neil Chippington made special mention during his speeches of the invaluable support provided by the Livery Companies for the students. Our current student chorister is Lucas Emmott.  Neil’s position as Headmaster will be taken in September by Simon Larter-Evans who is presently at the Yehudi Menuhin School. Neil himself will become Headmaster of St. John’s College School, Cambridge.

In September the Master, Liveryman Oscar Holmes and the Clerk Mark Butler attended Evensong in St. Paul’s Cathedral at which the Glovers’ Bursary Chorister Lucas Emmott was singing.


We continue to support students at City of London School for Girls, City of London School for Boys, King Edward’s School Witley and St. Paul’s Chorister School. We keep in regular contact with them and their schools and follow their progress closely. There is unanimous gratitude expressed by the Schools and students for our support.  Joseph White, our City of London School for Boys Bursary Student, gained 3 A* grade and 1 A grade in his 2016 A level exams and is going to Oxford University to study languages. He is also keen to join our Apprenticeship Scheme (see attached photo of Joseph at the July 2016 Lunch).

At King Edward's School Witley, we continue to support a student for the two sixth form years.  Rudo Dube completed her two years studying for the International Baccalaureate in June 2016.  Our supported student from September 2016 is Umair Qasmi.  The Company also sponsors an annual prize ( a pair of gloves, naturally) for Girls Physical Education; this was awarded to Emma Esser-Diaz.  {Attached photo of Richard Abbott with Emma E-D and her prize.}


The past year has seen our CLSG bursary student, Liz Kerry Odeh complete her sixth form studies; she will be starting a medical degree course this autumn. Alison Gowman (PM) gave a talk about the livery to the CLSG sixth form in February and had the opportunity to meet Ms. Odeh (see photograph below).

For the time being Ms. Odeh will be the last pupil to receive a sixth form bursary from the company. The CLSG bursar and headmistress felt there was no sixth form pupil that met the conditions required to receive a bursary for the years 2016-18, however there were several promising pupils that had passed the entry examination at age eleven who would be unable to take up the offer of a place at the school unless bursaries were available. The school made it clear that existing bursary funds would not allow for all these pupils to receive financial support. Following consultation with the Court and the Charity Projects Committee, the company will be supporting an eleven- year-old pupil (year 7), Kaviniy Akilakulasingam from Woodford Green. She will be receiving a full yearly bursary from the school: the Glovers’ Company will be funding one term’s tuition fees per academic year. Subject to the usual checks of continuing financial need, and the pupil’s school record the company will provide the bursary until the completion of her GCSE exams in 2020.

It has been the custom for the company to invite the bursary pupil and a member of the school staff to a livery function, usually a luncheon, or an evening event, at some point in the last year of the sixth form. The change in the age of the pupil receiving the bursary requires a different form of contact: it is the intention that members of the company will meet the pupil at some point in each school year through attendance at one of the many school entertainments. CLSG welcomes members of the livery to any of its concerts, plays and exhibitions (see the Glovers’ Newsletters for dates and times of: recitals, plays, exhibitions, lunchtime and evening concerts).


Home Thoughts from Abroad, a garden to commemorate the centenary of WW1 is blooming for the first time at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at Headley Court in Surrey.

The charity HighGround was started in 2013 & provides the Horticultural Therapy service for DMRC’s patients as part of their rehabilitation from injury. Carol Sales, HighGround’s first Horticultural Therapist designed the garden to reflect what todays’ servicemen and women who are deployed abroad, think of when they think of their gardens back home.

This pilot has been generously funded by ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, Westminster Foundation, Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity, CHK Charity, the Leathersellers Company and the Robertson Ness Trust.

Group Captain Teresa Griffiths, Commanding Officer at Headley Court said “I am truly inspired to see the remarkable progress which has been made on the Home Thoughts garden and to experience its first Springtime in bloom. It provides a real testament to all the hard work put in by the Horticultural Therapy Team, along with their dedicated helpers and supporters. It also provides a fine example of the importance of Horticultural Therapy to our patients and the effort and enthusiasm they given to the project.”


It has been a rewarding and busy year donating “gifts of gloves” on behalf of the Livery.  We support eight homeless charities and five other charities all dedicating their time to help those most in need.

Each Charity is “gifted gloves” based on their individual needs ranging from knitted, gardening, rigger, rubber, first aid, warehouse, freezer or catering gloves – in all shapes and sizes. This year we have gifted over 15,000 pairs of gloves.

Thames 21

In May we met Chris Coode, Deputy Chief Executive and Senior Programme Manager for Thames 21. This charity help to bring London’s Rivers and Waterways to life and through the CPC the Livery gift gloves to them for this purpose.  

Thousands of Thames 21 volunteers protect and champion the capital’s network of water space, vital for nature and people in one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.  

  • Thames 21 volunteers work together to rescue rivers from rubbish and pollution.  
  • They involve communities in making new river plans.  Improving rivers and waterways for wildlife. 
  • They delivery an extensive programme of education sessions in schools.
  • They organise guided walks introducing people to the rivers, the wildlife and ongoing restoration across London. 

Chris Coode thanked the Livery for their continued support.

The Manna Society

Our Livery representative visited the Manna Society Day Centre in June in their new home in SE1. Paddy Boyle our contact there has thanked the Livery for its continued support. They have between 150 and 200 people who visit the centre on a daily basis.  The Manna Society serving free breakfast and lunches, whilst offering washing and clothing facilities.


Thrive is a National Charity who use gardening to bring about positive change in the lives of people living with disabilities, ill health or who are isolated, disadvantaged or Vulnerable.

They have an excellent project in Battersea Gardens, which is well worth a visit.

This year The Glovers have supplied over 250 pairs of various types of Gardening Gloves.


Ahoy is a rapidly growing successful charity based in Deptford which uses water-based sports and crafts to change peoples lives and build their life skills.

Their main focus is giving opportunities for disadvantaged and at risk youths including the disabled to participate in activities on an equal level.

This year the Glovers have given a donation of rowing and sailing gloves. More help is needed and we are currently assessing whether there are other ways in which we can support this worthwhile charity.



This year the Master (Michael Orr) wished to develop the Company’s relationship with our affiliated unit through more regular and direct contact. The unit was presented with a cup provided by Liveryman Roddy Morriss (PM) and Alison Gowman (PM) at the excellent event held at St. John’s Gate, Clerkenwell in November (2015)

Several liverymen attended the unit’s presentation evening in December, in July the Master attended the annual presentation evening where certificates were awarded to those cadets who had passed the necessary practical tasks and theory tests (see images). Four of the unit’s cadets came first in the London Region First- Aid competition going on to compete at national level where they came sixth (see image) .

The unit is a lively environment based on volunteers: there is a broad range of volunteer cadets in terms of both age and gender, most of whom stay with the unit for many years. Several of the cadets have provided us with accounts of their experiences with the unit for publication in the company ‘Newsletter’ (thanks to liveryman Caroline Dale for editing the pieces). Events at which the unit is in attendance are listed in the company newsletters: the unit would welcome any local liverymen able to show their support by attending one or two of these dates.

The unit provided a carpet guard at the February Glovers’ Dinner at Haberdashers’ Hall where liveryman Liz Elvin made them welcome and guided them through the evening. The clerk ensured much needed refreshment was available. The Master presented them with ceremonial gloves and a laptop (kindly donated by Renter Warden Rodney Jagelman). The unit will be providing a carpet guard at one Company function each year.

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